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‘Menus’ – ‘Accounts Payable’ – ‘Re-print cheques/checks’

To re-print any cheques/checks that perhaps were destroyed by your printer, select ‘Re-print Cheque/Check’ from the ‘Accounts Payable’ menu as shown below.


You will then be presented with the following form.


From here you can select which bank account the cheque/check was drawn from as well as the cheque/check number range to re-print.

Once you have made your selection and pressed the ‘Re-print’ button, the cheques/checks will re-print.

NB We have many formats you can choose from that will be suitable for your country/bank. These can be selected in the ‘Setup’ – ‘Bank Accounts’ screen in the field entitled ‘Default Cheque/Check Format’. You can also choose how many copies of the cheque/check to print from here as well in the ‘No. of Cheques/Checks to print’ field.

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