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How to send out the new starters emails?


You can send a Welcome email out to your crew at the beginning of a project containing any wording you wish. By default though it gives your crew the website address/username and password so they can access it. The wording of the email can of course be customised

How to use

To send an email to individual crew members, just go to the Wages Master file, then right click the person you wish to send it to and select ‘Send starter email’ as shown below


You can of course select multiple people at the same time, by clicking one entry then Shift-Clicking a second entry to select all workers between, or Alt-Clicking individual workers to specify a random selection.  As usual the other right click options are also available to you to remove selected records from the onscreen display, or minimize to only those records which are selected before choosing who to send the starter email to.

Customize the email

The wording in the email can be entirely tweaked under ‘Setup > Email Setup’. For more information on that click here


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