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What to do when Moneypenny appears frozen

If you ever experience a frozen screen it can be one of two things:

1)      if you are running Moneypenny from our server, you may have temporarily lost internet connection – if you minimise the remote desktop screen then maximise again it should then be a black screen – click on that screen and it should take no more than 30 seconds to refresh assuming your internet connection has recovered.

2)      You have a screen behind a screen – sometimes a message screen awaiting an answer will be behind the screen you are seeing – if you simply pull the screen down from the top you should be able to see the message screen behind to answer.  This will then let you continue unfrozen

If it is neither of the above you can contact support to help or go to start menu, click on the words ‘window security’ which allows you to choose the task manager to ‘end task’.

Remember, closing remote desktop does not log you out of the data file so you always need to close the data file, log out of remote desktop and the end of each session/day. To logout properly select Start > Log Off in the bottom-left corner of the server.

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