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Matching TB to Bank Reconciliation

This article goes over a few things to look out for if you’re unable to print a trial balance that matches the bank reconciliation balance.

It’s important to keep in mind that when running a trial balance by document date, the matched items in the bank reconciliation must also conform to those filters to match correctly.

  1. Temporary Adjustments. Any temp items in the bank reconciliation screen will be included in the bank rec balance, but will not be included in the trial balance figure.
  2. If running a TB by document date, check that there are no items that have been reconciled with a document date outside of this range. For example, you may be running a TB up to 30/11/2018 but your bank has reconciled an item document dated 01/12/2018. This item is part of the bank balance, but not part of the TB figure.
  3. Similarly, ensure that there are no outstanding items not included in the bank reconciliation balance within the selected date range. For example if you go to ‘Banking > Bank Reconciliation’ and see an item dated 28/11/2018, it is included in the TB figure but wasn’t part of the bank reconciliation balance as it was not matched off.

If a transaction with an incorrect document date is causing the imbalance, you can amend document date by using Distribution Change.

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