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Build Version – 4137

Details of the changes in this version:

  • Wages – Altered the cast master file when it is an agent make bank1 fields not enterable.
  • Creditors – Altered the semaphore in place to stop multiple people paying ET at the same time, to be the same one as is used in wages, so creditors and wages cannot be paid at the very same time, as they are sharing payment number ranges which cannot be doubled up.
  • Wages – Altered the timesheets prints approvals to include a signature when the transaction is posted, should we have one on file.
  • Web – Altered the web timesheet for your first week to ensure you can expand the screen (but not show the copy of last weeks times button).
  • Web – Altered the times PDF to change the formatting on the total hours column.
  • Web – Altered the times PDF to make the table 150% row height.
  • Web – Altered the find POs when viewing all in the same department or all – when selecting an approval level of waiting on to filter by, to ensure you do not only see POs you created.

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