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Build Version – 4159

Details of the changes in this version:

  • Web – Altered the modification of POs to allow the summary description to be editable.
  • Web – Changes to HTML forms to allow an apostrophe to be displayed correctly.
  • Wages – Altered the night loading calculation for the timesheets for when the end travel takes the end work past midnight.
  • Wages – Altered the STP report to include phase 2 changes.
  • Wages – Fixed the ANZ transactive 2 footer record.
  • Wages – Added a new bank export called ING bank Slaski SA.
  • Wages – Altered the modify web entered timesheets to ensure you can re-export some records.
  • Wages – Made 3 more changes to the ING Slakski bank export.
  • Wages Creditors – Added a new direct deposit called ANZ transactive 2.
  • Creditors – Altered the draft print in electronic transfers to show the break level which contains the BSB account number.
  • General Ledger – Added an ability to delete multiple accounts on the chart of accounts screen.

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