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‘Menus’ – ‘Petty Cash’ – ‘Find PC Transactions’

To view your posted and un-posted transactions together you can use the ‘Find PC Transactions’ form located in the ‘Petty Cash’ menu.



You will first see the ‘Find Petty Cash’ selection screen as below.



From here you can choose to select a batch code, a range of entered or document dates, a transaction range, a creditor/vendor code and you can choose your sort order, currency or whether you only want posted or un-posted petty cash transactions returned.

Once you have pressed ‘OK’ the following form will be displayed showing the petty cash/debit cards that matched your selection.



Double click the Petty Cash/Debit Card transaction you wish to view to see the entry in detail as below. It is a read only view thus why the form is grey.



Please click on the image to view it full screen, then the back button to return.

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