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In-trays shows a blank page / a page has gone missing

As every scanner and photocopier is different we have a setting in mydaEs on the ‘Setup’ – ‘Project Setup’ form on the ‘Terminology and in-trays’ tab entitled ‘File size below which a one page PDF is considered to be blank’.

The reason for this, is because we allow people to bulk scan in multiple documents with a blank page between each one and then mydaEs splits them during data entry, so mydaEs needs to know how big a blank page is. We have defaulted this to be 10kb in size.

One photocopier might scan a blank page and the file size might be 5kb, for another it could be 15kb or higher. Then if we consider an invoice with not much text on it, one photocopier might scan that and the file size could be 5kb. This field then allows you to customise it for your scanner as much as possible.

So if a blank page is still visible for you when entering via in-trays, you need to increase the value in the field above, if a page of text has gone missing you need to decrease it.

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