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Connect a printer and share local resources (Windows/MacOS)

Windows instruction

1.Right-click on your Remote Desktop shortcut
2.Select Edit

1.Select the Local Resources tab
2.Check Printers and Clipboard boxes
3.Select More

1.Check Ports and Drivers box
2.Click OK

1.Select General tab
2.Click on Save

You can connect again.

MacOS instruction

  1. Click on Magnifier on top-right corner.

1.On the search bar type Microsoft Remote Desktop
2.Select the first result (Microsoft Remote Desktop.app)

1.Right-Click on your available connection
2.Select Edit

1.Select Folders tab
2.Check Redirect folders
3.Click on +

1.Select the path to the folder you want to share. (Create a folder for mydaes on your desktop beforehand)
2.Click on Open

Click on Blue Save button and you should be able to connect.

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