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Build Version – 4156

Details of the changes in this version:

  • Web – Altered the crew contracts for country = UK to put the signature 3/4s of the way down the page again now that we cannot use URLS from WKHTMLTOPDF on the new UK servers.
  • Web – Altered the Audit trails on the saving of timesheet draft to make it clear a web user chose that action.
  • Web – Altered the preview of crew contracts/Inducement letters by the approver to ensure its the workers details that are printed after the recent web facing folder changes.
  • Web- Altered the web timesheets to allow them to be resubmitted up to a specified number of days passed the week ending date.
  • Journals – Altered repeat and reverse journals to get the currency correct so it prints with amounts.
  • Wages – Altered cast wages using the 221D field to get the tax correct.
  • Wages – Added the payment type to PSL Export.
  • Wages – Altered the STP Tax treatment codes specifically for Cast/Extras without a TFN. Also exported as a downward variation when a 221D vale is filled in.
  • Wages – Altered the cast audit report to prevent an error for non UK projects.
  • Other – Altered the Netflix Exports to block further characters from being exported.
  • Other – Cleared out all entries in the log table when clear all balanced is run.

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