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Build Version – 4151

Details of the changes in this version:

  • Web – Altered the preview of previously accepted contracts to ensure the download occurs.
  • Web – Altered the online master file creation for the UK so when duplicating someone who has no allowance lines, that a new blank line only display rather than missing fields.
  • Web – Altered online master file creation so that the blank default allowance that is there by default – so that the design is understandable will not be saved when the wage type is empty.
  • Web – Altered the online master file creation to alter the way the select command passes back allowance wage types to make sure wage types with spaces behave.
  • Web – Altered the creation of crew online to make the TFN approved field True by Default.
  • Creditors – Altered the entry via In-Tray to stop the username popping up.
  • Wages – Fixed the audit report 3 digit location.
  • Wages – Altered the look Crew/Cast/Extras exports to include the posted date and corrected the Extras export on the new form.
  • Wages – Altered the online crew creation to assign a job title based off the GL name of the default GL number assigned to the master file record.

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