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Build Version – 4147

Details of the changes in this version:

  • Wages – Added Student Loan and Post Graduate Loan to 4 reports.
  • Wages – Altered timesheeting so it will now save just a per diems amount.
  • Wages – Made a few changes to the RBS Ad Hoc bulk payments export.
  • Wages – Added a payment frequency to the cast master file and to the pay cast wages/per diems/rights accrual selection screens and assigned it then to the wage. Hopefully this should then flow on to the UK NI and tax calculations.
  • Debtors – Altered the debtors email when invoices are posted to go from the financial address not the payroll.
  • Web – Altered when adding a new creditor in Web PO to get the postal addresses correct.
  • Web – Altered the approval of crew contracts to change the field title to ‘Contracted End Date’ rather than just ‘End Date’ to avoid confusion.
  • Web – Altered the creation of crew master files records to change the field titles for the contracted end date so that it displays as end dare for row and contracted end date for UK. Also, changed the display of the end date to only be for the UK when showing a duplicate record.
  • Web – Altered the creation of crew online to change the name of the rate comments field to be notes for accounts. This change wad made online only.

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