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Build Version – 4140

Details of the changes in this version:

  • Wages – Added a preference to remove the alert shown when writing to an overtime code that doesn’t exist.
  • Wages – Added the totals to the bottom of the look cast and extras wages report.
  • Wages – Altered the printing of the new UK payslip from the look crew wages screen to ensure the middle section of the payslip is populated now that is written in a completely different way.
  • Wages – Altered the timesheets prints to shorten it by a couple of pixels.
  • Journals – Altered the distribution change dialog to include the FF options from the find transactions dialog.
  • Setup – Added two new email addresses to the email setup for when float requests or reimbursement requests are submitted online.
  • Purchase Order – Altered the summary report to correct filtering on the selected currency and also to make sure any unposted Pos returned must meet the rest of the selection options on that screen.

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