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UK Pensions Overview

This article is currently a work in progress.

This article is designed to give an overview of how the Pensions module works for the UK Payroll module of Moneypenny. If you haven’t dealt with pensions before, consider this a checklist of what you need to do to ensure pensions are functioning correctly.

Finding your staging date

If you have your PAYE reference, the Pensions Regulator has a tool to check what your staging date is available below

Choosing a pension provider

There are many different pension providers to choose from, if you wish to look at a list please check out the section on the Pensions Regulator below:

Find out what providers Moneypenny currently supports below. If you would like to use a different provider, please contact support so that we can get them added to the system.

Supported Providers

Peoples Pensions NOWPensions SmartPensions

Setup a pension scheme

In the system, go to ‘Setup > Pension Funds Setup’

Setup communication emails

Go to ‘Setup > Email Setup’

Go to the ‘Templates’ tab.

Select the email template you wish to modify. For pensions these are:
– Postponement Advice
– Enrolment Advice
– Opt In Advice
– Opt Out Advice

Applying the scheme to individuals

Default Scheme

Master Files


Once a pension scheme has been applied to an individual, they will be assessed on the next wage transaction


Non Eligible


If a Postponement period has been setup


Once an individual has been assessed as Eligble

Managing Opt Ins, Opt Outs

Exporting to Pensions Provider

Reports > Export Pensions

Other Considerations

Automatic Re-Enrolment

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