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How to handle Non-Resident for NZ PayDay Filing

How do you handle someone who is a non-resident of New Zealand, doesn’t have an IRD number and will be in NZ less than 92 for PayDay reporting?

When you setup their masterfile,

  1. enter in 9 zero’s ( 000000000 ) as their IRD number.
  2. Exemption code is WT and the flat rate if they are not paying withholding tax is 0%
  3. type NRE- before then first name (e.g. NRE-Ben)

Message from IRD 27 June 2019 –

If you receive an Employment Services update error (102) this is due to the update function only looking at the IRD number and with the IRD number being 000000000 and other employees having the same IRD number the system can not find the Employee line.

This is being worked on to look both at the IRD number and the Name and other details, but until then there is a solution for the Employer who can update the employee in MYIR by searching by name and update the employer details.

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