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Build Version – 4160

Details of the changes in this version:

  • Wages – Altered the cast payroll tax account codes to ensure the real not long int version is always used.
  • Wages- Fixed the ANZ transactive 2 footer record.
  • Wages – Added an ‘Extras when modifying (and adding a new row) use the 4 hour call or any hours worked less than 8 hours? Otherwise it will only use the 4 hour call for when EXACTLY 4 hours is worked’ preference into the Managers Setup and applied it when modifying the extras.
  • Wages – Altered the ATO STP process to not force amendments when the original transactions errored.
  • Wages – Altered the cast holiday pay calculations and lots of reports to calculate the accrual when paying the wage, rather than on posting as previous.
  • Wages – Altered the work code on the crew masterfile to save the change after typing in the cell rather than using the mouse.
  • Wages – Altered the STP report to include the Phase 2 changes.

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